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Let us together do what will make our hearts beat faster! I work and live in the city of Tyumen, during the year I travel to other cities and countries. Contact me, find out if I can provide you with beneficial conditions! I’m like an artistic director, I capture the stories about sincere, natural and happy people. What will your story be about?


package .01

1-hour shooting • consultation on a shooting script and general style of a story • 40 unique photos • online gallery

60 euro


package .02

1.5 - 2 hours of shooting • consultation on a shooting script and general style of a story • 60 unique photos • online gallery

90 euro


package .03

5 hours of shooting • consultation on a shooting script • 250+ unique photos • online gallery • 20 printed pictures • recording material on a flash drive

275 euro


package .04

10 hours of shooting • consultation on a shooting script • 500+ unique photos • online gallery • 30 printed pictures • recording material on a flash drive

485 euro

Here you can find a collection of common questions and answers

If my plans differ from the offered photo packages, how can I calculate the price?

In this case, the shooting is done for an hourly rate of 60 euro per hour. Tell me about a photo shoot of your dream, and together we will come up with an amazing photo story!

Are the cost of the photo studio rent and the make-up artist’s services included in the photo package?

No, but I will willingly help you to choose the location and make-up artist if you need it. I strongly believe that each story should be held together by a narrative thread, consistent style, and compelling environment.

In which city do you work? Can I make a reservation in another city?

I live in the city of Moscow, Russia. I photograph in  Moscow, Europe and all over the world. I love traveling, seeing new places and meeting wonderful new people. If you are having a wedding in a picturesque place, it will be my pleasure to be your photographer. I work worldwide, my latest work destinations were Malta, Spain, China, the Emirates. In the nearest future, I am eager to see more countries and cities to create wonderful love stories all around the world. Here you can learn about my 2019 Destinations.

The transfer is provided by the customer.

How can I book a date? Is pre-payment needed?

Pre-payment is mandatory. Reservation is valid just after pre-payment obtaining. The amount of pre-payment is 50% of the total cost for shootings up to 4 hours, and 30% of the total cost for more than 5-hour shootings.

In what time frame should I confirm the booking?

As a rule, pairs order shootings in advance, a few months before their desired date, but spontaneous shootings also happen quite often. The sooner you contact me, the more likely it is that your desired date will be available.

I am not sure about the theme of my photoshoot, will you help me?

Sure! For each photo-character, I think very carefully about a special script and a ‘stage’. I try to show you real, sincere, that’s why it’s important for me to learn something about you. Who will be the main character of our photo-story? Tell me about you and the aim of your photoshoot. What’s your favorite place, film or genre? What are your special features of character? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask, I will be happy to answer all of them! It all inspires me and helps to choose the best location and develop a script.

Do you make photo books?

Yes, I really love to design photo books. This is a special process for me, the process of unification with the idea, the plot and the atmosphere in the pictures. You can see examples of printed photo books here. The price is negotiable.

I would like to give a photo shoot as a present for a loved one, do you have certificates for shootings?

Yes, a gift certificate for a shooting is exactly one of the pleasant surprises for loved ones. Contact me for details.